Services and expertise

  1. Organizational consultancy – Organizational development and change - designing, developing and implementing change management initiatives aimed at helping employees to cope successfully with changes taking place in their workplace, for example restructuring, down-sizing or new business processes.

  2. Occupational health – Support and guidance to organizations and employees on how to maintain a health, fulfilling and productive work environment. I apply cutting edge psychological knowledge, theory and practice to the world of work to reduce sickness rates, increase work engagement, motivation and job satisfaction of employees, and improve companies bottom line.

  3. Personnel selection and assessment – developing, implementing or evaluating employee selection procedures, including psychometric tests, assessment centre exercises and structured interviews. Developing talent management processes and systems so organizations can identify and develop their high-potential employees.

  4. Performance appraisal and career development – providing coaching, guidance and advice to employees or students in order to help them plan and manage their careers. Designing performance appraisal systems that enable an organizations to measure, manage and reward the performance of its employees.

  5. Counseling and personal development – working one-to-one with individuals to support them in becoming more successful and effective in delivering their organizational objectives, while also enhancing their personal well-being.

  6. Training – analyzing the training needs of employees, identifying skills gaps and determining how to address that gap in a cost-effective manner. Designing, developing and delivering training and development programs.

  7. Employee relations and motivation – mediating in situations where there is interpersonal conflict between employees/management or an employment dispute.